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The rarebrainX1 online program will teach you how to design your business to prosper with or without you.

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Is This You?
If so, we can help.

We’re RareBrain Institute and The Truth Is…

Entrepreneurship can be rough. Long work hours, high stress and uncertainty about the future is often difficult to endure.

Many business owners discover they’ve given years to building a company—and in
return are enslaved to a company that often can’t run without them and is neither as transferable or salable as they need.

Entrepreneurs turn to rarebrain when the stress and endless work of running a business has overwhelmed every aspect of daily life.
What If This Was You?
Good news: it could be!
And it all starts with dismantling detrimental misconceptions that keep you trapped in the daily grind with no end in sight.

Our training program will show you how to win back your freedom by building a scalable company that isn’t built around you.

Even better?

You can live the life you want and benefit everyone in the company.

 Better Systems
Get your business out of everyone’s head with fully documented systems in every aspect of your company.

 Happier Team
Get your entire company on the same page with processes that are aligned and understood by everyone.

Scalable Growth
Make it easier to grow with scalable systems that keep pace with your company growth.

 Higher Valuation
Build a more valuable and salable business with higher efficiency, productivity and performance.

Everybody wins.

And now, for the first time after 20+ years in the field, we’re revealing our battle-tested strategies to help you build a more valuable company that doesn’t depend on you.

We’d Like To Introduce You To:

The rarebrainX1 Program

The rarebrain program is a six month self-paced online learning program designed to teach business owners how to lay the foundation needed to make their business more systems-reliant, rather than owner dependent.

Program Facts At A Glance

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Here's what you'll learn in the rarebrainX1 program…

We have some pretty awesome
bonuses for you as well:

The rarebrainX1 program is for you if...

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll in the rarebrainX1 program

plus these awesome bonuses!

Don’t Take Our Word For It…
We’ve Been In This Business for 20 Years

Invest in building a scalable business that doesn’t depend on you. 

What’s it costing you to have life pass you by?

Spend your life living, starting today.

We’re handing you a step-by-step blueprint for building a more scalable and valuable business.

The content we teach in rarebrainX isn’t just academic theory with a few strategies and how-tos thrown in for good measure, it’s a culmination of 2 decades worth of working with successful companies with $1M-50M in revenues. You will be taught by veteran entrepreneurs field tested with proven success.

Ready to take your life back?

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About rarebrain Institute

Build a thriving company that frees entrepreneurs, empowers teams and makes growth easier in any economic environment.

Benefit from the highest value no-nonsense learning,  robust toolsets, seasoned coaches, vibrant  community or join Co-Pods, our online masterminds for leadership teams.

rarebrain training, tactics and intellectual property is not academic theory, it is built for leaders from companies with $1M-50M in revenues, by veteran entrepreneurs and field tested with proven success.