The Business Reset
Master Toolkit

“What if Just a Few Business Pivots Could Increase Your Revenue and Profits, Right Now?”

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Have You Seen A Decline In Your Business Income Lately? Are You...


  • Spending hours in meetings trying to figure out how to get your cash flow back to normal?
  • Things have changed. There’s no denying that. Unfortunately, business strategy is no easier than it’s ever been. There’s just more pressure now.
  • Unsure if things will ever go back to the way they were before?You know there’s an answer out there. You’re just not sure where to look. You see all of these *MASSIVE* businesses getting bailouts and it’s nerve wracking.
  • Frustrated by all the conflicting information?
  • Sending your leadership team off on wild goose chases trying to find ways to make your old business model work in this new market?
  • Sick of worrying about when the other shoe is going to drop in this economy?


We’ve Got the Tools to Show You How To Reset Your Business to Thrive in This Market

What if You Could:

We’d Like To Introduce You To:

The Business Reset
Master Toolset

These tools contain specialized exercises you need to pivot your business and win.

The Business Reset
Master Toolkit

Here's what's inside:

Mini Toolset 1: Getting Unstuck

Step one in a reset? Escape your narrative. Get unstuck, unlock a bird’s eye view of your company in the marketplace, and get ready to take off. 


Mini Toolset 2: Art of The Reset

You’ve transformed your mindset and see your company clearly. Now what? 

Discover WHERE and HOW you can make incremental changes that will transform your company. Asssess fundamentals within the company and measure its readiness for rejuvenation. 

Mini Toolset 3: Your Pivot Portfolio

Here’s what they won’t tell you: there IS no magic hack to a total business reset. It’s a mosaic of small, powerful changes that work together to totally overhaul a company. 

Use these tools with your management team to create the key shifts that can take your company from survive to thrive across areas like cash flow, distribution, and labor cost.

Mini Toolset 4: Product or Service Pivots

Launching a new service? Tweaking a product to become drop-shipped or digital? We’ll show you how to see opportunities you didn’t know were there, elevate your value, and keep your company competitive. 

Mini Toolset 5: Cash Flow Pivots

Cash is king in an uncertain economy. It doesn’t matter if you have assets worth millions, you need to pay your people, and yourself, so you can keep business moving, no matter the shape that takes.

So how do you make cash readily available? Where can you find it within your own business? These two tools and video training will empower you to keep cash flowing. 

Mini Toolset 6: Pricing Pivots

If you have a pulse and own a company in 2020, your revenue has changed. So what does that mean for the price of your products or services?

Use our proven one-two punch to map your pricing initiatives and implement them – fast. 

Mini Toolset 7: Marketing Pivots

Dreaming of a PR reset? Here’s your chance. Download this toolset and discover WHERE your company is seen, HOW you’re seen, and WHAT to do about it (especially if you’re launching new products). 

Mini Toolset 8: Supply Chain Pivots

Whether your company is doing well or doing poorly, supply chains globally have been affected by COVID-19. Want to do something about it?

We’ll show you how to expand your supplier base, change the way you look at inventory, and transform the way you buy

Mini Toolset 9: Delivery and Installation Pivots

In this toolset we’re going to dive deep into your delivery systems, and how you can cut margin drain and amplify profit. The pivots are simple, but they’ve worked for our clients for over 20 years.

Mini Toolset 10: Production Pivots

A MUST for manufacturers. Improve your throughput by finding the weak links in your system and generating ingenious incisions to slash inefficiencies and waste so you can keep the money you’re wasting.

Mini Toolset 11: Labor Force  Pivots:

Discover how to prep your team for change, reduce employee turnover, and allocate labor efficiently. Manage staffing with solutions for everything from payment formats to outsourcing.


Mini Toolset 12: Business Reset Implementation

Tie it all together and learn how to stage a massive overhaul in bite-size pieces. Includes a special Master Pivot Plan worksheet to combine all previous lessons into one bulletproof business reset strategy.

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A Pivot Strategy Isn’t All You’ll Need To Grow...
We’re Here To Help You Develop A Pivot Portfolio

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The Business Reset Master Toolkit

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