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Have You Seen A Decline In Your Business Income Lately?

Are You…

Spending hours in meetings trying to figure out how to get your cash flow back to normal…

Things have changed. There’s no denying that. Unfortunately, business strategy is no easier than it’s ever been. There’s just more pressure now.

Unsure if things will ever go back to the way they were before?

You know there’s an answer out there. You’re just not sure where to look. You see all of these *MASSIVE* businesses getting bailouts and it’s nerve wracking.

Frustrated by all the conflicting information?

Sending your leadership team off on wild goose chases trying to find ways to make your old business model work in this new market.

Sick of worrying about when the other shoe is going to drop in this economy?

Everyone’s talking about all sorts of hypothetical and downright disastrous situations. None of which spell good news for ANY small business owner.

Did Any Of The Above Sound Like You?

The Truth Is…

Business strategy isn’t as easy as staying in place and waiting for the storm to blow over…

You don’t want to spend hours in meetings figuring out how to survive with your current business model when your business could be making strategic pivots that set you up to win.

After all, it may take months or years for the market to get out of gridlock so that you can get back to normal.

Why you should join our exclusive online learning community.


We are operated by rarebrain institute, with decades of experience and tools to give you the learning and support you need to build a more scalable business that is immensely profitable in any economic environment.

We provide high impact learning, strategic insights and interactions with like-minded peers that will inspire you to build a better business, and then give you and your leadership team access to training and tools you need to actually do it.

When you join the rarebrainX community, you will have immediate access to lots of valuable learning and resources:

Highly valuable insights and discussions with leaders of companies with at least $1M in revenue.

Regular discussion questions and conversations to share your wisdom while learning from the experiences and wisdom of others

Exclusive monthly webinars and events hosted by the community.

Weekly accountability threads, where we set thinking objectives and hold each other accountable for following through on them.

Coaching calls with our team and other members of the community.

Dozens of high value videos to help you scale and create value.

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Beyond revenues and profits, learn what creates value in your company in 90 seconds.

In addition, membership in the rarebrain community will give you the opportunity to access:

Robust Master Toolkits to help you navigate the new possible.

Mini-toolsets to help you scale easier.

Specialized Masterminds to give you and your leadership team the accountability and support to thrive in the road ahead.

And much, much more … with new features on the way in the future

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Are You Ready to Make the Changes That Will Drive Your Business Into the Future?

Then join our exclusive online community of like-minded thinkers and leverage the collective knowledge of our community of companies with $1-$50M in revenue run by experienced leaders.

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