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Dispersed Teams Playbook

Digitizing companies is basically a must these days, but how can you do it across every area of your company? 

What are the best practices, and how is it possible to create a plan that is a custom fit for your company? 

This playbook is a culmination of our two decades of experience transforming businesses for the better. All of our tools come with implementation guidelines and worksheets to not just ideate, but to take the actions needed for successful implementation across your company.

Tool 1:
Optimizing Physical Resources Tool

Moving your operations online? Pandemic-proofing your workspace? Collaborating with a dispersed team for the first time? No matter your position, there are tangible expenses that go along with it. Explore how best to optimize the logistics of all physical resources thinking through possible future concerns. You will lay the foundation for a successful dispersed, distributed or remote team. You’ll get focused tips on employee productivity in relation to resource decisions, understanding occupancy rates, and more.

You'll Answer Questions Like...

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Tool 2:
Optimizing Communication Tool

This tool is an essential part of your distributed or remote teams strategy. Dive in to the nitty-gritty details of just how communication across dispersed teams will work within your business. This is the tool that will tackle the concerns you’ve had from the beginning.

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The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to communication within a team, but we think that’s the best part. Discover strategies that will work for your company using focused questions aimed at generating custom solutions. Plus, you’ll get specific implementation tips on feedback data collection and optimizing your meetings for team engagement

Tool 3:
Building A Sense of Community Tool

How does a company have a robust ‘culture’ with limited face-to-face interaction? Humans are social animals, and a key part of developing a functional and happy workplace is company culture. We’ll walk you through the questions you need to answer in order to strengthen the community within your workplace. 

You'll Answer Questions Like...

This tool also focuses on a much-overlooked area in every business: values. Explore the opportunity to really delve into your company’s belief systems, or perhaps revisit and update them.
Plus: implementation tips from real-world scaling experience, including how to bolster individual employee relationships and how to spend wisely.


Tool 4:
Data Security Tool

With any form of digitized operation comes security concerns. And with a significant uptick in cyberattacks every year, it’s a consideration that has to be made, no matter how unpleasant or seemingly overwhelming. We promise: cybersecurity isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Use this tool to walk through dimensions of cybersecurity you may not have thought of before, as well as answer common questions.

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This tool covers many aspects of digital security, touching on not only internal security but costs associated with it, how it could affect your marketing strategy, and how employees can contribute to the overall security of the company. 

Plus, you’ll receive implementation tips from RareBrain’s 20+ years of transforming businesses, such as potential hires that could literally save your company, how to handle fallout at the employee level, and what to do if you’re unsure about your cybersecurity status. 

Tool 5:
Optimizing Productivity Tool

Despite having a workforce that may span zip codes, no business is exempt from productivity concerns and an understanding of how to manage them. However, it’s a misconception that dispersed, distributed or remote teams are less productive. As with an on-site business, there are simply some questions that need to be determined:

What does promotion look like in a dispersed team? How does management gain visibility into the workflow of their employees and the progress of certain projects without face-to-face interaction?

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Learn how to not only encourage engagement and productivity, but effectively track it, and create a company that may even thrive more efficiently than an on-site team. 

This tool also includes implementation tips, such as how to increase efficiency through fewer approvals, how to mitigate employee conflict in a digital team, and how to assure employees feel empowered and included, starting with one simple action. 

Tool 6:
Workplace Transition Tool

Wish you could predict the hurdles you might face in digitizing your team? We’ve got you covered. Transitioning to a fully or mostly-digital operation can seem challenging, but we can offer the clues to create your own roadmap to success. This tool covers all areas across your business that might be affected by transition, including work partnerships, employees, and even legal issues that may arise.

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Something else you may not have even considered: timing. A digital move might be the best option in the long run, but how would it impact your company as it stands right now? Discover with us, and find solutions to your unique situation. 

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Playbook to help you take calculated and effective action to transform your company

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Employee Morale Scorecard That Provides Real Insight into Your Team’s Headspace

Have you noticed employees getting frustrated lately? This is not uncommon in a dispersed or remote environment as frustrations are tougher to voice than in a traditional office setting.

Give your employees a way to thoroughly express their views across many areas within the company. Evaluate employee morale, deep-dive into problem areas and resolve issues before they lead to employee turnover. What’s more, the scorecard comes with a worksheet, so that any useful feedback can be transformed into actionable initiatives.

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