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Products and Services Optimization Playbook

Our Products and Services Optimization Playbook is a culmination of our two decades of experience transforming businesses for the better. 

Build a more resilient business with better products and services that provide optimal product margins. This playbook is the all-in-one asset you didn’t know you needed.

Tool 1:
Adding New Products Tool

Take a holistic approach to rolling out a new product. This section covers dozens of questions across different dimensions of product strategy so you can anticipate issues before it’s too late.

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This tool comes with the following no-nonsense high value video lesson:

The Three Pivots

There are a TON of choices to make when creating a new product. There are even more when that new product is supporting a pivot.

Let’s break it down: There are actually three different kinds of pivots.

Learn what they are (with real-life examples) and recognize the optimal goal for your product. 

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Tool 2:
Product Pivot Exercise

When adjusting a new product, often the first question we get is: “where do I start?”

And it’s often the case that two (or three, or four, or ten) heads are better than one.

Designed for teams, this tool exists to inspire leaders to brainstorm a product pivot together. 

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This tool comes with the following no-nonsense high value video lesson:

A Testing Mindset

Admit your initial strategy and assumptions were off. That’s okay. Early-stage Twitter, Starbucks, Instagram, Groupon, PayPal, Nokia, and a bunch of other now-successful mega-companies did the same thing. 

Maybe you’re feeling confident and excited about your product pivot…but your team is still stinging from the less-than-optimal results from last quarter and hesitant to get back to the drawing room. We’ll show you how to build a testing mindset into your company, so you can rebound with improved morale.

Tool 3:
Adjusting Current Products Tool

Okay, so you’ve got a great idea to adjust your product. What could go wrong?

An invaluable asset when it comes to avoiding unseen pitfalls, this tool will help you map out almost EVERY dimension of changing a current product, from supply chain concerns to customer attitudes. 

Video Training

This tool comes with the following no-nonsense high value video lesson:

Pivot Pitfalls
Pivots are f**king stressful. You’ve got fighting founders, unruly investors, and multiple parties to smoothly guide into transition. Did we mention the task of clearly relaying information to customers during all this? We’ll show you how to mitigate all these stresses and more, so you get it right.

Tool 4:
Adding Services Component Tool

The question for you as a manufacturer should not be whether you should servitize or not but more around whether you can afford not to.

Differentiate your product AND make it more valuable by considering the addition of a service component. Bundling products and services together can deliver higher margins. 

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Subscriptionizing Your Manufacturing Business

The world of manufacturing used to be pretty cut-and-dry: create product, sell to buyer.

But there’s a way to make yourself invaluable to your customer while making products even more efficient in the process. Rolls-Royce and Catapillar are already doing it. Let us show you how.

The Products & Services Optimizer Toolset Will Reset Your Business & Give You Surefire Ways to THRIVE... RIGHT NOW!

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